Should You Keep Your FBA or Sell It Before 2018?

If you are thinking about selling your FBA, you need to take a moment to think about why you want to do this. If your business is succeeding as many thousands of these businesses are, you would want to keep your business going and not sell it. If you are thinking of selling it, you might not be seeing the results you want.

This article will go over what a Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA is and how to benefit by one. There just might be a few things you can do to improve your sales and keep your FBA. According to InBusiness Inc, “You can sell it if you want but just remember that the business has to be valued properly and of course, it will have to be making a profit.” read more

If you are thinking of selling it because you are not realizing much of a profit your choice to sell may not be as lucrative as you want. But, that’s okay. If you check your business model and improve on what you are selling, you just might turn your whole revenue around.

If you are reading this and not sure what an FBA account does, here is a quick review. It basically allows you to sell what you want on Amazon. You ship your inventory to Amazon and they pack and ship it. They also handle your customer service issues. That’s a sweet deal for any business.

All it takes is signing up for an Amazon FBA account using a regular seller account. Add your products one at a time or in bulk using the API at Amazon. Then prepare your products and ship them to Amazon. You create your shipping plans, ship and track all your shipments to the fulfillment centers using the online seller tools for help.

Customers order your products from your FBA and then Amazon fulfills them. This is the exciting part. So many traditional retail businesses have to do all the fulfillment online and offline themselves. This takes extra labor costs and it takes extra time. Amazon does all the shipping, customer service and returns for you.

Amazon does it for your business 24 hours a day every day of the week. It does not matter where you live. Amazon streamlines any business. You can do less and grow more. This is the essence of the FBA program, but it will be going through changes.

The biggest changes have been over the fees that are charged for an FBA account. But, just because there are fees associated with these accounts that change approximately once every few years does not mean that you should not start selling with Amazon. There are hundreds of thousands of sellers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with FBA.

If you are not yet one of these sellers, you should be. If you are and you are wondering if you should sell your FBA before 2018 you will want to stop and think. If you do, you could be giving up an opportunity to sell and earn. If your current inventory is not moving the way you want it to, get a branded inventory and sell that instead.

If you are new to FBA it will cost some money to start up especially when you begin sourcing products. You can get your products from retailers, wholesalers or by private label manufacturers. Once you do this you list them online with the best photographs possible. Then, simply start letting the sales come in.

With retail, you would buy your inventory at local stores and resell them. This is also called online arbitrage. With wholesale suppliers, you buy from a wholesaler and sell them on your account. If you can get your own products made, you can customize and brand them and also sell them on your account.

Retail or online arbitrage is the least expensive route to go. But, no matter what route you want to take or you have already taken, you can succeed. You must make sure that you balance your business costs. Make sure you are pricing your products appropriately.

It often does not take very much money to set up an FBA and start selling. But, assume you have decided you really want to sell. There are buyers out there but selling an FBA can be tricky. You would need to know how much it generates in revenue every year. Your buyer will probably want to buy everything at cost, too.

Are you doing anything else in your life besides selling on FBA? If so, and that is taking a lot of time from the FBA, you might find selling it is a good idea for the new year.

Does it feel like you are working too hard to keep your inventory up? Maybe you do want to sell your FBA and start doing something else. The decision is a personal one and involves some risk. But, if you can sell it and make a profit you might be able to roll that money into a new venture.

Remember, before you sell your FBA that much of the success of your business depends on how you present your products. Whether your products are retail arbitrage or private label, you need to photograph them well for display on your FBA account. The quality of the photos really is the greatest factor in a consumer’s decision to buy from you.

If you have been thinking that your FBA account is not doing as well as you would like to make sure that your photos are as great as they can be. They have to stand out! There is a trending tip that if you take your products into your bathtub and shoot them there with your smartphone camera, you can get excellent results.

Start taking good photos. You should see an improvement in sales. You can always hire a professional photographer to help later on. If you do think it is time to sell, contact a reputable FBA broker to help you.

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