How Would You Describe Your Reputation? Working Hard To Fix A Bad Reputation

When I was younger, my self-esteem was not as high as it is these days. As a result, I sought attention from people in any form. I was known as a party girl with all of the guys in the neighborhood and I did not mind because it made me feel attractive. While this seemed okay at the time, a few years later this would become something I would rather forget.

Once I started working on myself more, I realized how unacceptable my lifestyle was and I worked hard to make changes. The terrible thing was the fact that my tarnished reputation wasn’t fixed simply because I decided to turn over a new leaf. People still looked at me and saw the person that I used to be. I decided to try many different measures to fix this.

The first was staying away from everyone and pretty much keeping to myself. I shunned any attempts to hang out with me and I spent most of my free time at the library and shopping for fun. Even after a year or two of this, people still looked at me with terrible things in mind. Apparently, being a loner doesn’t necessarily stop people from giving you the evil eye.

The sad thing is that I tried being friends with a few people who were esteemed in the community, even though I knew they were secretly giving me the evil eye as well. This did nothing. In fact, it seems like things were a little worse for me after that.

In the end, the only way I could escape the bad reputation was to move to a new neighborhood. This may seem extreme, but it beats staying in a place where people think you are less than them. I do not regret my decision to relocate at all.

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